Trade winds blowing

August 29, 2019 / Categories: Uncategorized

Earlier this week, Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council (MSR&PC) had the opportunity to host a pair of international trade teams. Both visits were hosted by the former MSR&PC Chair and Director Keith Schrader on his farm near Nerstrand.

Indonesia Trade Team
The first trade team visiting with Schrader hailed from Indonesia; the group included the father and son of a large soybean distributor in Indonesia. They came to learn more about the process soybeans go through before they are exported and how Minnesota grows soybeans.

The group started at a local elevator in Randolph, where Schrader often takes his harvested crops. This is where the group got to see the loading and unloading of the different forms of transportation. Their next point of interest was going to the Schrader farm where Schrader was able to show firsthand how some of the everyday tasks are done on his farm. Schrader talked about his family and had a video put together of how the farm operates during planting and harvesting.

A topic of interest that was discussed was the use of GMO’s and why they are beneficial to use here in the U.S.

“The use of GMO’s benefits the farmer and beyond, here in the U.S.,” Schrader said. He then explained how the use of GMO’s has improved the amount of foreign material left behind in the soybeans and other benefits.

“I have never been on a farm like this. There is a lot of technology being used and I see that you do not need to use as many laborers here,” said Samundra Arinardi during his tour of the elevator and the Schrader’s farm.

Azerbaijan Trade Team

The second trade team from Azerbaijan visited the Schrader farm the following day. They arrived ready to learn more about the economics and benefits behind soybeans.

Some of the discussion included the climate needed to grow crops, the cost of production and how soybeans are exported from the U.S. Kim Nill, MSR&PC market development director, was able to explain more about some of the benefits soybeans have which piqued interest of others in the group. One of the benefits being the increased amount of protein in soy flour and soy milk.

“I can see the benefits of soybean products being used in some of the sweets I make,” said Sara Rajabli, founder of Buta Arts & Sweets in Azerbaijan. “This would be something to look more into.”

After their discussion around the table, the group headed outside to see what soybeans look like, and how they’re grown. They also had a chance to view the transportation of grain on the Schrader farm and where it is stored.

MSR&PC values these visits from international trade teams, as connections and discussions made are used to further the use of soybeans.

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