Checkoff researchers holding Strategic Farming workshop

Join soybean checkoff-funded researchers for a bonus Strategic Farming: Field Notes edition Friday, July 16 at 7:30 a.m. to discuss cupped soybean leaves. Cupped soybean leaves are no rarity in Minnesota; however, the number of fields with cupped, wrinkled, and or strapped soybean leaves in 2021 is quite extraordinary.

The fact that many fields of Enlist soybeans are showing these symptoms has many wondering if dicamba drift or volatilization may be to blame. Yet, reports of isolated soybean fields that have been sprayed with simple one-product herbicides and now show symptoms abound. So, what is to blame for all of this cupping in drought-stricken regions of Minnesota and the Dakotas in 2021?

Join us Friday to discuss what we know and what we don’t know about cupped soybeans. The event will feature Extension Weed Scientists Debalin Sarangi and Tom Peters as well as IPM Specialist Bruce Potter, and Soybean Agronomist Seth Naeve. The webinar will be hosted by Extension Educators Jared Goplen and David Nicolai.

If you’ve already registered for Field Notes and would like to attend this Friday, you’ll receive an email reminder with a link to join. If you’re new to this program, register for Field Notes here.

Questions? Contact Jared Goplen (gople007@umn.edu) or Seth Naeve (naeve002@umn.edu).

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