Council sponsoring upcoming Fork to Farm Day

Calling all Identity Preserved (IP) growers!

The Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council is inviting current and prospective growers of identity preserved and non-GMO crops to attend the Specialty Soya and Grains Alliance’s (SSGA) Fork to Farm Day on June 10 at the historic Oliver Kelley Farm near Elk River, Minn. The event will unite the identity preserved grain and oilseed industry for lunch and networking. Growers, processors, exporters and foreign buyers of identity preserved crops and oilseeds are welcome to attend.

SSGA executive director Eric Wenberg stresses that this event is not only for growers currently raising IP or non-GMO crops, but for prospective growers too.

“This is an opportunity to see the identity preserved value chain in action first-hand,” Wenberg said. “The event will connect IP growers and allow them to network and discuss how to implement or improve their premium plans.”

Foreign buyer participants are joining the event after participating in Northern Crops Institute’s Food Grade Soybean Procurement Course. This course provides training on sourcing and purchasing U.S. IP soybeans for food products. Participants will tour farms, processing and packaging facilities in Minnesota and North Dakota. The course also includes lecturers from university professors and commodity traders on the contracting process and the risk management tools available to buyers of food grade soybeans.

“SSGA’s Fork to Farm Day will culminate a great week of learning for our foreign buyers, Wenberg says. After completing NCI’s course and meeting growers, processors and exporters, these buyers will be well-versed on procuring IP soybeans for their business.”

Former Council Director Keith Schrader represents MSR&PC on the SSGA board.

Pre-registration for Fork to Farm Day is required and event space is limited. Learn more and register here.

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