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B10 Sparks Questions at Minn. Petroleum Marketers Association

With warm weather approaching, B10 (10 percent biodiesel in every gallon of diesel sold) has returned to Minnesota pumps. Even though biodiesel adds value to soybean farmers and the environment, questions arise when using biofuels. Minnesota Soybean attended the Minnesota Petroleum Marketers Association (MPMA) April 13 – 15 to help provide answers.

“It is important that we attend this convention/tradeshow to provide accurate, precise information on biodiesel,” said Mike Youngerberg, Senior Director of Field Services for Minnesota Soybean.

The convention allows attendees to ask questions about the B10 mandate, promotional ideas and how to encourage higher blends. Youngerberg also noted that this is an opportunity to trouble shoot for those that may have had problems with blends in the past.

“We have to be available to answer questions on our product in order to promote it,” Youngerberg said.