The Minnesota Soybean Growers Association spends much of its time in St. Paul and Washington, D.C., fighting for farm-friendly policies.

From regulatory overreach to additional funding for rural mental health, MSGA makes sure soybean farmers have a voice at the Capitol year-round. Simply put, MSGA looks out for the best interest of soybean farmers in St. Paul and Washington D.C.

Make your voice heard.

Farmer leaders are vocal and active in their support of Minnesota’s soybean farmers. But sometimes that isn’t enough. We need farmers like you to step up and let your individual voice be heard in concert with the voices of other Minnesota farmers.

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2021 policy initiatives

With a membership of nearly 2,600 Minnesota soybean farmers, MSGA can make a lot of noise in St. Paul and Washington, D.C. to effectively fight for farm-friendly policies that protect your freedom to farm.

Minnesota’s finances look less bleak than they appeared last May, when the state’s budget forecasters predicted a $2.42 billion deficit. In December, the forecast was revised to a projected $641 million surplus for the 2020-2021 biennium. MSGA will advocate with legislators to ensure agriculture, which accounts for approximately 25 percent of the state’s GDP, is a budgetary priority.

MSGA secured one of its biggest wins in years when the Legislature passed full Section 179 conformity in October, 2020. In 2019, MSGA also secured property tax relief for farmers in the school building bond ag credit, clarified the ag homestead tax and also supported the Beginning Farmer Tax Credit. No new taxes went into effect for fiscal years 2020 and 2021. But any further tax decreases during this biennium are unlikely, given the shaky condition of the state’s economy.

Minnesota enters the fourth season of its B20 mandate. Renewable fuels have faced opposition – and support – from both sides of the aisle. With climate change and electric cars discussions ramping up, MSGA won’t play it safe in 2021. MSGA will also push back against aspects of the “Clean Cars Rule” and a Low Carbon Fuel Standard.

MSGA is a staunch proponent of promoting value-added agriculture products. The Ag Innovation Campus, Plasma Blue technology and RePlay’s biobased road sealant each aim to increase the profitability for Minnesota’s nearly 28,000 soybean farmers. MSGA will work with legislators and the Walz administration to promote the economic and environmental benefits of these value-added endeavors.

MSGA has successfully prevented efforts to further regulate use of agriculture chemicals. We will continue to advocate for the need to have numerous tools in the toolbox as it relates to the productivity and profitability of our soybean farmers.

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MSGA strives to speak with one voice to make positive changes that support the future of agriculture. Because soybean checkoff dollars cannot be used for lobbying, it’s up to us as farmers to actively let our voices be heard on issues like water quality, biotechnology, animal agriculture and more. Your investment helps to make that happen.