Faces of MSGA: David Miller

David Miller farms in Red Lake County with his wife, Peggy, their daughter, Mikayla, and son-in-law, Benjamin Tabert on the 1,250-acre, third-generation farm.

The Millers and Taberts grow corn, wheat, field peas, fescue grass seed, sunflowers and alfalfa. They raise beef cattle.

“We’ve brought the new generation in and it has been fun,” Miller said. “We do a lot regenerative agriculture practices.”

David Miller (far right) farms in Red Lake County with his wife, Peggy (second right), Daughter Mikayla (second to left) and son-in-law, Benjamin Tabert (left).

Miller received his bachelor’s degree in agronomy and plant genetics from North Dakota State University and his master’s degree from University of Minnesota in plant breeding. The family does research projects on cover crops, intercropping, extended grazing, comparing population studies and trying to reduce fertility.

As a member of both Pennington/Red Lake Corn and Soybean Growers and the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association, Miller helps advocate for the benefits of biodiesel, and puts educational material in schools, along with other outreach efforts.

“(We’re) trying to bring the consumers back to understanding agriculture better,” Miller said. “Most people don’t grow up on a farm anymore, so I’m just trying to increase understanding.”  

Miller enjoys the outdoors and spending time with grandson, Liam Tabert, and son, Josh Miller.

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