Faces of MSGA: Josh Deal

Josh Deal is the fifth generation on his over a century old family farm in Wilkin County.

Along with his parents, Tim and Kathy, and wife, Beth, Josh Deal grows soybeans, corn, spring wheat and sugar beets.

Deal is a member of the Clay/Wilkin Corn and Soybean Growers Association board and he joined partly because of the group’s participation in events and advocacy.

“Being an (MSGA) member is somewhat about an understanding of how it works,” he said. “At the end of the day, we want to find good legislation and good uses for these crops and expand them.”

Josh and Beth Deal are raising three children on the family farm in Wilkin County.

He earned his bachelor’s degree from Minnesota State University Moorhead in social studies education and taught for about four years. After graduation, both Josh and Beth taught in Thailand.

“Before we settled down and farmed, we wanted to have a little adventure and since we were both teachers, we were able to go over there and teach through a program for about 6 months,” Deal said. “Even looking at it through growing up in agriculture and seeing what they have for agriculture, it was pretty interesting.”

The Deals have been farming full-time around 2013 and are raising three children: Esther, Henry and Fernella.

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