Faces of MSGA: Lyle Rollag

When your farm resides in the far southwest corner of Minnesota, having a voice in St. Paul when you can’t always be there is one of the main reasons Lyle Rollag finds his Minnesota Soybean Growers Association membership valuable.

“Having someone in St. Paul on my behalf is important,” Rollag says. “I’m appreciative of all they are doing for me and my farm, and also what they are preventing from happening.”

Rollag farms with his wife, Sharil, near Beaver Creek, Minn., where they raise corn and soybeans, as well as operate a cow-calf operation and finish Holstein steers. He credits his MSGA membership to former MSGA President Leroy Kellenberger, who was passionate about the organization.

“Any good businessman would want to be a member of an organization that promotes your business,” says Rollag, who’s also an active member of the Rock County Corn and Soybean Growers board.

Rollag reminds members to take an active involvement in politics.

“As farmers, we need to do as much work in the political arena as we are able to, and we shouldn’t become numb to the problems that have been solved,” he says. “Our organizations help us, but we need to stay informed and hold our public officials accountable for following through on their commitments.”

The Minnesota Soybean Growers Association is the nation’s largest soybean association because farmers and agribusinesses have recognized the value MSGA membership brings. ‘Faces of MSGA’ recognizes those members who actively promote Minnesota’s soybean industry. 


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