MDA accepting noxious weed and invasive plant grants

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) is now accepting applications for the Noxious Weed and Invasive Plant Grant. Counties, municipalities, tribal governments and weed management entities (including Board of Water and Soil Resources-funded Cooperative Weed Management Areas) may apply for grants to mitigate noxious weeds around the state.

Since 2018, as part of legislation supported by the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association, MDA Noxious Weed and Invasive Plant Grant has awarded over $1.3 million to fund a variety of activities such as purchasing equipment and supplies, conducting mapping and outreach activities and hiring private applicators to manage noxious weeds. One 126 projects were awarded averaging $9,000.

Funding to mitigate noxious weeds has allowed infestations of species such as wild parsnip and poison hemlock to be reduced in areas where municipalities have focused on treatments for several years. Equipment purchases also help reduce infestations and have a positive long-term impact.

Applications for this new round of invasive plant grants can be reviewed and downloaded on MDA’s website. Applications are due no later than 3 p.m. on Sept. 22, 2023. Questions can be directed to Emilie Justen, MDA Noxious Weed Law Coordinator, at Emilie.Justen@state.mn.us.

Funding will be allocated through a competitive process with review by MDA Noxious Weed Program and the Noxious Weed Advisory Committee. Selected grantees will be announced in early 2024.

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