Farm Bill Webinar with Q&A

Missed the last Farm Bill webinar covering Updating Crop Base Acres and FSA Program Yields? That’s OK. We have you covered. You can catch up on any of the Farm Bill webinars here, or you can access the Farm Bill webinar education series on the Minnesota Soybean Promotion & Research Council Webinars page or the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association Webinars page. You can also listen to a Farm Bill Q&A recap with Farm Market Analyst Al Kluis and Farm Management Analyst Kent Thiesse.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Aug. 14 Farm Bill webinar. We had a large turnout for the event, which means together we are delving into this new bill to learn the best options for our farmers.

Kluis/Thiesse Q&A Part One

Kluis/Thiesse Q&A Part Two