Theresia Gillie

Resolution Process Key to MSGA Legislative Strategies

The resolution process is something the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association discusses during this time of year.

Theresia Gillie

Theresia Gillie, MSGA Vice President

Resolutions are submitted by MSGA members and are reviewed by Association directors. This is your opportunity to help us know what is happening at the grassroots level of our organization so we can develop favorable policy for all levels of government. Knowing every issue affecting soybean growers is a difficult task. With your help and knowledge, we can take a united stand on these pressing issues that need attention.

This document benefits our members, directors, staff and legislators because resolutions show MSGA’s standing on a given issue.

The MSGA resolutions committee will be meeting 4 p.m. Dec. 2 in Mankato, Minn. As a policy organization, it is our responsibility to provide a voice for Minnesota soybean farmers. If you have any suggestions for resolutions, please contact a director from your county soybean organization or email me.  We need to understand what is affecting your farm so we can discuss and develop productive resolutions.

Please take this opportunity to let us know what concerns you.  We value your input and your membership.

I hope to be hearing from you!

Theresia Gillie farms near Hallock, Minn., and is Vice President of MSGA. She also chairs MSGA’s advocacy team. Contact her at