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April Marks Start of B10 Biodiesel Blend

Ten percent biodiesel (B10) is back in Minnesota. After a successful inaugural summer in 2014, B10 is back in every gallon of diesel sold in Minnesota, beginning in April.

Minnesota became the first state to make B10 available in every gallon sold in the state last summer from July through September. In 2015, B10 is available April 1 through September 31. A five percent biodiesel blend (B5) is included during the remaining months.

“With a heavy construction season and a lengthy fall harvest, biodiesel definitely added to the fuel pool,” said Mike Youngerberg, director of field services for Minnesota Soybean. “The longer availability of B10 should provide additional fuel to the marketplace.”

Minnesota Soybean Growers Association Director Chris Hill, from Brewster, Minn., says biodiesel has been added many benefits to Minnesota.

“Biodiesel adds value to the grower for their soybeans,” said Hill, who represents Jackson County. “It is a win-win for Minnesota agriculture because it creates jobs for our state, and it helps to reduce greenhouse gasses and particulate emissions.”

Minnesota’s biodiesel industry produces about 60 million gallons of biodiesel annually.