MN soy farmers get jump-start on 2024 planting season 

Minnesota weather is unpredictable and often the topic of small talk.  

This year, the wind may be whipping, and the rain has come down in some areas, but that hasn’t slowed operations down for planting preparation and overall planting.  

“Ground conditions are absolutely beautiful. Beautiful.” Minnesota Soybean Growers Association President Bob Worth said. “It’s really nice. The only thing to complain about is the wind blows every day.” 

Along with the fields being in good condition to plant, Worth spoke about the technology evolution that he has seen each planting season and how it impacts planting times.  

“My dad, when we started farming together, if we got 40 acres a day, we were happy,” Worth said. “Now I plant 40 acres an hour. Things have changed a lot.” 

Worth farms in southwest Minnesota in Lake Benton and started planting on Sunday, April 21. As of April 23, he was halfway done planting corn.  

In the southeast corner of the state, Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council Director Glen Groth said he is also halfway done planting soybeans out in Ridgeway.  

“We’re early if anything on beans,” Groth said. “Even if it there’s not rain at all this coming weekend, we’ll get finished with corn in five to six days, and we’ll be way ahead of schedule planting.” 

According to the April 24 USDA Crop Report, about 5% of Minnesota’s soybean fields have been planted. 

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