Checkoff-funded research stands out at Prairie Grains

The 2018 Prairie Grains Conference returned to the Alerus Center this week in Grand Forks, N.D.

“Prairie Grains is a great opportunity to reconnect and showcase all the great work that MN Soybean has done,” said Roger Dziengel, a Kittson County farmer.

This conference allows for northern Minnesota corn and soybean farming counties to meet and collaborate on a vast array of topics including research and county promotion Events. The annual On-Farm Research Summit was once again a huge success this year.  At this meeting, Minnesota Soybean’s checkoff-funded research was presented and new ideas were gathered for future research to come.

“This is an opportunity for our board farmers to find new talent and gain additional members to ensure that our legislators and farmers are able to fight in Washington, D.C.,” said one grower.  “It was great to connect with different farm leaders and have the visibility out here for Minnesota Soybean as a whole. ”

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