Renewable Fuel Standard

EPA to delay RFS volume decisions until 2015

The EPA today announced that there will be further delays in finalizing the 2014 Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) volumes, saying it won’t complete the final rule until next year.

In announcing the delay, the agency said the proposed rule “generated a significant number of comments, particularly on the proposal’s ability to ensure continued progress toward achieving the law’s renewable fuel targets. Due to the delay in finalizing the standards for 2014, and given ongoing consideration of the issues presented by the commenters, the agency intends to take action on the 2014 standards rule in 2015.”

The EPA said it plans to act on the 2014 volumes “in 2015 prior to or in conjunction with action on the 2015 standards rule.” Additionally, the agency said the deadline for compliance with the 2013 standards will shift to 2015.

Additional information can be found on the EPA’s website. (

The Minnesota Soybean Growers Association (MSGA) knows these continued delays are incredibly frustrating and we are working with the National Biodiesel Board (NBB) and the American Soybean Association (ASA) to make sure the Administration understands the very real damage that this flawed process has caused the biodiesel industry and our national renewable fuels goals.

“The EPA’s ruling is disappointing to say the least,” MSGA President George Goblish said. “It is really too bad that we can’t get answers to a problem that has held back the industry for two years. The Administration continues to tie the hands of farmers on the topic of renewable fuels, which is a shame since biodiesel adds healthful benefits in that it cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions, while providing 73 cents value to every bushel of soybeans sold.”

NBB Vice-President of Federal Affairs Anne Steckel echoed those sentiments in a press release Friday.

“This Administration says over and over that it supports biodiesel, yet its actions with these repeated delays are undermining the industry,” Steckel said. “Biodiesel producers have laid off workers and idled production. Some have shut down altogether. We know that fuels policy is complex, but there is absolutely no reason that the biodiesel volume hasn’t been announced. We are urging the Administration to finalize a 2014 rule as quickly as possible that puts this industry back on track for growth and puts our country back on track for ending our dangerous dependence on oil. We also urge them to move quickly on 2015 so that we don’t repeat this flawed process again next year.”