Reassessing dicamba options after court ruling

Following the recent ruling on dicamba, many of Minnesota’s nearly 28,000 soybean farmers must now look for alternative options for post-emergent weed control on dicamba tolerant soybeans.

In a conference call Thursday afternoon with the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association,, officials from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture clarified that, as the law currently stands, using Bayer, BASF and Corteva dicamba applications is illegal. However, Tavium remains legal for post-emergent use up to the V4 stage. MDA pledged to notify MSGA if the agency becomes aware of any modifications to the ruling.

USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue blasted the ruling, and urged the EPA to assist farmers.

“Producers need all the tools in their toolbox to produce the world’s food, fuel, and fiber, and USDA re-affirms its support for EPA’s science-based process for assessing and managing ecological risks, balanced against the agricultural and societal benefits of crop protection tools,” he said. “USDA stands ready to assist its federal partners in meeting that goal. Farmers across America have spent hard earned money on previously allowed crop protection tools. I encourage the EPA to use any available flexibilities to allow the continued use of already purchased dicamba products, which are a critical tool for American farmers to combat weeds resistant to many other herbicides, in fields that are already planted. Unfortunately, the Ninth Circuit has chosen to eliminate one of those tools.

MSGA and the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council (MSR&PC) have worked in tandem to gather a list of potential products for our soybean farmers to consider using as a post-emergent herbicide option. This list is not all-encompassing and serves as a starting point for exploring herbicide options. As best management practices of these products significantly vary from the dicamba products, always review select product labels before use.

We encourage farmers to speak with their crop advisers and chemical applicators for the best options for their soybean fields.

Post-emergent herbicide options for dicamba tolerant soybeans include:

• Roundup (glyphosate)
• Pursuit
• Classic
• Cobra
• Flexstar
• Ultra Blazer
• Clethodim
• Warrant
• Tavium

Farmers may want to consider adding a residual to their post-emergent application for best weed control. Applicators and farmers should always read all labels prior to application and consult with a crop advisor to ensure if the residual herbicide is usable for their soil type.

Residual herbicide options:
• Firstrate
• Outlook
• Zidua
• Dual

MSGA and MSR&PC will continue keeping farmers informed if there are any further changes or clarifications from MDA or the EPA.

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