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Southern Minnesota Reaps Advantages from Renewable Fuel Industry

The non-partisan Fuels America coalition today released an economic impact study by John Dunham & Associates showing the far-reaching benefits of renewable fuel for workers and businesses in Southern Minnesota and around the state.

The economic analysis takes into account the entire supply chain for renewable fuel and quantifies the impact to the economy at the statewide and congressional district level.

Statewide in Minnesota, the renewable fuel industry supports 48,506 jobs, $3 billion in wages and $11.7 billion in total economic activity – from agriculture to biorefining to transportation and a variety of other businesses up and down the supply chain. 

In Southern Minnesota, the renewable fuel industry supports:

  • 10,816 jobs
  • $669.3 million in wages
  • $3 billion of economic output

These numbers reflect the total economic impact of renewable fuel in Minnesota’s 1st District represented by Rep. Tim Walz.

The full report, along with detailed numbers by state and congressional district, is available on the Fuels America website.

The Renewable Fuel Standard:

The renewable fuel industry has more than tripled since the adoption of the commonsense, bipartisan Renewable Fuel Standard in 2005.  Signed into law by President George W. Bush, the RFS calls for increasing levels of American-grown renewable fuel in our transportation fuel supply.  The RFS has created 852,056 American jobs, made our air cleaner, lowered gasoline prices and helped cut our dependence on foreign oil to the lowest level in years. Renewable fuels like ethanol are not only cleaner and American made, but they also cost less per gallon and have a higher octane level – delivering better engine performance. 

The oil industry is urging the U.S. EPA and/or Congress to repeal or weaken the RFS to prevent consumer choice at the pump and protect oil’s near monopoly on the fuel supply.  Fuels America stands with the thousands of American families, farmers, workers, small business owners, environmental advocates, veterans, and men and women in uniform who are depending on America’s leaders to support a strong RFS. 

About Fuels America

Fuels America is a coalition of organizations committed to protecting America’s Renewable Fuel Standard and promoting the benefits of all types of renewable fuel already growing in America. Fuels America is founded on a simple core principle: Renewable fuel is good for the U.S. economy, for our nation’s energy security and for the environment. Visit us at

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