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Home is where the heart is: Let’s Stay Home Boutique celebrates first anniversary

November-December 2019

When it comes to the feeling of “shopping in the comfort of your home,” Let’s Stay Home Boutique has just that, and more. The shop in Truman has become a little slice of heaven for many women and girls in southern Minnesota.

Val and Darin Pesta, along with their daughter, Kait, started the Let’s Stay Home Boutique for a purpose. They converted two bins that had more than a decade of successful grain storage in their backyard into a woman’s dream hideaway. But they had a few hiccups along the way.

“Our first day open was supposed to be December 2, 2018,” Val says, “but we had a snowstorm, which caused us to push our grand opening to December 7.”

After that first weekend it has been a humbling, gratifying blur for the whole family. They started this business for their family to ensure that everyone was safe and together. Kait was diagnosed with encephalitis at just a year old, causing her to become very sick at a young age with seizures causing brain damage.

“Many doctors told us that we would need to adjust her lifestyle to ensure that she was safe,” Val says. “The options that we were given, just weren’t a good fit for our Kait.”

Many of Val’s friends and complete strangers have commented on her great sense for style and the need for her to be their personal shopper. In passing, her niece suggested that she moved the boutique from a small upstairs bedroom to the bins in their back yard. Darin thought they were crazy but learned to trust the process.

The Let’s Stay Home Boutique is located in a pair of converted grain bins.

“They always come with a huge dream,” he says, “and I have to bring them back to reality sometimes and this one worked, worked better than we would have ever dreamed.”

Val’s sense of style transitioned to Kait.

“I have always had a sense for fashion and it helps me express myself,” Kait says. “It’s a way for me to interact with others and when I feel overwhelmed and need a break from the bins, I can go into the house and hang out with my nieces until I am feeling better.”

There’s a little something for everyone at the Let’s Stay Home Boutique.

“We have a wide variety of sizes from plus to the regular sizes.” Val says. “We want everyone to be comfortable in their own skin.”

All of their models are local community members who are looking for a little spunk in their lives.

“Some of our models have never done anything like it and come into the shoot timid and leave a completely different person,” Val says.

With the ever-changing inventory that flows through the bin, there is always something new. If you are curious to learn more, they’re active on Facebook at “Let’s Stay Home Boutique” and Instagram at “letsstayhomeboutique.”

As their popularity grows, the mission of the boutique remains.

“Our family-run business, out in the country, has brought us and so many others joy and we hope it brings (our customers) joy, too,” Val says.


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