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November 28, 2018 / Categories: Uncategorized

This sponsored content was written by Farmers Business Network

Are you frustrated by prices driving up, with fewer choices and at the end of the day, you and your operation are assuming all of the risk? We can’t control the consolidation in the industry, weather or global commodity trends, but we refuse to let these forces keep their control.

Join 3,000+ other like-minded farmers and Farmers Business Network at Farmer2Farmer IV, December 12 – 14 in Omaha, Neb., for the premier business-focused farmer conference. Sharpened pencils are put to action as production and marketing decisions are held up to the light in preparation for next season. If you are a Minnesota Soybean Growers Association member and interested in attending, please contact Sara Hewitt at sara@mnsoybean.com or 507-388-1635.

What You Can Expect:

  • No-Holds Barred Conversations
    • The event takes place at the end of the year to give farmers a place to have blunt, brutally honest discussions about the state of agriculture. We won’t just talk about it, farmers will leave Farmer2Farmer with an action plan on how to get a headstart on 2019.
  • Innovative Technology and Real-Life Use Cases
    • Farmers Business Network is bringing the latest technology from both FBN and from key partners to Farmer2Farmer – from autonomous grain carts to the true ROI of biologicals. We’ll be talking about real-life, practical applications of technology to apply to your farm that will result in incremental profitability gains.
  • Key Learnings from Other Farmers on Key Issues Facing Agriculture and Operational Profitability
    • Hear from leaders who have rejected “business as usual” and have taken control of their operations to improve their balance sheets and are working to keep the bottom line in the black.
  • Dissection of Industry Practices that Put Farmers Profitability at Risk (including the FBN Seed Relabeling Report)
    • Do you know that your same seed could be in up to 9 different bags, under different names and for vastly different prices? Not only is that misleading at best, but potentially dangerous when trying to diversify risk. Learn the truth behind the Seed Relabeling Report, ‘Zone Pricing’ otherwise known as regional seed pricing, including estimated map that one of the largest seed company uses to charge different prices for the exact same seed depending where they live or farm, and many other opaque practices that FBN believes are to the detriment of farmers profitability.
  • Small-Group Networking with Fellow Premier Farms
    • Learning from like-minded farmers is invaluable; Farmer2Farmer is where the network effect comes to life, and farmers will have the chance to network, share ideas and gain new perspectives from one another. Leave with friends and possibly your own advisory panel.
  • Many Exciting and Game-Changing Announcements for Farmers from Farmers Business Network
    • In addition to a farm panels, speakers from across the ag industry, and FBN leaders, Farmer2Famer is featuring legendary pilot Captain Sully Sullenberger and MythBuster Adam Savage, who will keynote the conference.

Attend Farmer2Farmer and challenge the status quo, change long standing habits, alter long standing plans and learn new practices to Take Control of the 2019 season and beyond.

Join MN Soybean at Farmer2Farmer and register now at Farmer2Farmer.ag and use MNSoy100100 for 100% off your ticket!

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