Minnesota Soybean Business

Faces of MSGA: Rep. Paul Anderson

September-October 2023

Starbuck farmer and Minnesota House Rep. Paul Anderson is a longtime member of the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association.

Anderson has represented District 12A in central Minnesota since 2009. In 2023, Anderson served as the Republican lead for the House Agriculture Finance and Policy Committee.

Anderson farms in his native Pope County, raising 700 acres of soybeans, corn and wheat. After attending college, Anderson’s passion for agriculture drew him back to the family farm.

“It’s a great place to raise kids and I really enjoyed being on the farm and being associated with others in agriculture,” Anderson said.

As a farmer, Anderson knows the importance of MSGA advocating for farmers’ right to operate freely and profitably.

“I think agriculture has a bit of a target on its back by those that may not understand what we do or why we do it,” he said. “I saw the need for farmers to tell their story and promote their products.”

Anderson appreciates MSGA’s dedication to putting the message out there about the value-added uses of Minnesota-grown soybeans.

“The emphasis put on new soybean uses really benefited everybody that raises soybeans, putting them at a higher price and better demand for our products,” Anderson said.

Anderson is proud to be part of the 1% that feeds the world and recognizes the need for more farmer representation at the Capitol.

“I feel that as a declining number, farmers need to work together to get their story told,” he said.


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